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Dana Fleming Plumbing and Drain Repair

For all of your plumbing and drain repair needs in Spokane, WA.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing and Drain Repair Services

We’ve fixed every type of sink, toilet, shower, bath tub, and fountain. Whether you’re a homeowner or a large corporate office, we’ve provided residential and commercial plumbing and drain repair services for thousands of clients. Prevent overflow and water damage by calling us today for a free estimate.

Leak Repairs

Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Call us to repair your sink, pipes, or anything else that holds water so that a leak will not grow into a more serious problem. A leak can only grow bigger and should be fixed sooner than later.


Drain Cleaning

Without proper maintenance, drains and pipes can overflow and cause a big, expensive mess. We know all the techniques and expert approaches to dealing with a clog or lodged material.


Drain Repairs

There’s nothing more frustrating than an overflowing drain. Our team of plumbing and drain repair experts work to immediately identify the problem and find a plumbing and drain repair solution.


Sink Repairs

Our plumbers and technicians aren’t afraid to delve straight into the heart of an overflowing drain or broken sink. With specialized plumbing equipment like basin wrenches and drain snakes, finding the quickest, most effective fix for your sink is our goal.


Toilet Repairs

We understand the frustration and hassle a broken toilet can bring to your business or household. That’s why we offer an immediate response team that commits itself to repairing your toilet as soon as possible.


Faucet Installation

Don’t rely on complicated manuals or unclear YouTube tutorials to install your sink or faucet. Our plumbing professionals offer years of experience with every kind of faucet, drain, toilet or sink. We can install all of your bathroom and kitchen plumbing at a fair price.

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